Donate - Conservation at Perth Zoo

Donate - Conservation at Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo is a world leader in native species conservation.

Perth Zoo exists to protect endangered species and to reconnect people to nature. In a very meaningful way, the animal residents at Perth Zoo are inspiring ambassadors for wildlife in need of preservation everywhere.

By joining the Perth Zoo family today and making a gift to support animals in our care, you are helping to support the vital conservation work we do.

Perth Zoo is undertaking crucial work to save entire species - and we urgently need your help!

Our breed-for-release programs are giving some of Australia's endangered species, such as the Dibbler, Numbat and Western Swamp Tortoise, a fighting chance to survive.

Today, more native species than ever are at threat of extinction. It’s thanks to generous people just like you that together we can continue to ensure these animals will still be around for future generations.

What we do, we do together - thank you!

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