Adopt the African Lion

Adopt the African Lion

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Thank you for your caring decision to adopt the African Lions, a large and powerful cat from Africa.

This vulnerable but impressive mammal is threatened by overpopulation by humans, poaching, habitat loss and disease. African Lions are a golden or tawny-brown colour and have large, padded feet and retractable claws. A lion's full roar can be heard up to 8 km away and you can often hear Perth Zoo's lions giving their vocal cords a workout at dawn and dusk.

Your symbolic adoption will provide essential support to help take care of the African Lions at Perth Zoo and protect threatened species from Australia and around the world.

Fun Fact: Because male lions are so big and have a full mane, they are often too slow and conspicuous to hunt. The male protects the pride while the lionesses hunt.

Please select your chosen adoption level to start your 12-month support of this incredible species from the grassy plains, savannahs, and semi-deserts of central and southern Africa today.

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Read more about the African Lion here

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