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Our very own West Aussie animal emblem is under threat…

Numbats once lived across the span of southern Australia. Today, there are just two small natural populations remaining in WA nature reserves.

Perth Zoo is undertaking crucial work to save entire species like the Numbat. And we urgently need your help!

Today, more native species than ever are at threat of extinction. Thanks to generous people like you, these animals can still be around for future generations.

The Numbat is a unique marsupial and one that West Aussies have a special affinity for. It is our state faunal symbol after all. But it’s now an endangered species! Once they’re gone, there’s no turning back the clock.

Your generosity will help Perth Zoo prepare to breed endangered species, treat injured wildlife, and research best practice ways to care for native animals.

Your gift today will help ensure our unique native animals are protected and cared for - so they survive.

Thank you!